Time-Based Design Archive of Sudent Work    |    Isabel Meirelles

Department of Art + Design, Northeastern Unviversity, Boston, MA

The second assignment explores the use of image, type, and sound in communicating messages along time while examining narrative structures and strategies. The task is to create a preview for an imaginary graphic design exhibition. The goal is to communicate information about the exhibit and ultimately to seduce the audience to go and visit the show when it opens.

In this assignment students have a double role: they are both the “curator” of a graphic design exhibition and the designer of the exhibition’s preview. Students start by first selecting a graphic designer, studio, or a graphic design theme. Students research their topic (e.g., the designer’s creative process, conceptual and formal qualities of the works) and select visual and verbal information that will be displayed in their project. There must be a minimum of seven representative works. The second step involves the structure and visualization of the concept in the form of storyboards. Finally, students design the preview using typographical, visual, and aural elements.

The visual components can be any combination of still images, video clips, and abstract forms. The movie should have an aural component that can be any combination of narration, sound track, and audio effects. Students are encouraged to explore the relationships among visual, aural, and kinetic vocabularies: rhythm, sequencing, interval, synchrony/asynchrony, predictability/unpredictability, etc. Students define the audience for the preview according to their subject matter.

The following text must be part of the trailer as typographical elements (in any order): title of the exhibition, name of graphic designer or studio (if not in the title), name of museum, the location and period of exhibition, credits for the use of images and sound, and themselves as the designers.

The movie/preview can be any size within 320 x 320 pixels (either the height or width should be 320 pixels). The duration has to be between sixty and ninety seconds at most. Students can use up to two typefaces of their choice.