Creative Industries Capstone

Two-semester capstone course for the Creative Industries program, which is an interdisciplinary dual major program with undergraduate students from computer science, music, animation and graphic design majors. The fall semester focused on research, analysis, structure, design and programming of applications that make complex information easier to understand and to use by a specific audience. And the spring semester focused on refinement of the solutions as well as production and implementation.

The goal of the 2009–2010 course was to devise interactive visualizations celebrating 35 years of the ACM SIGGRAPH Conferences in the U.S. Each group of students defined the topic of their visualization. Students learned principles of visualization as well as the programming language Processing that they used to implement their projects.

The course was delivered in the form of studio projects, individual and class critiques, lectures, discussions, workshops and readings. I co-taught the course with Terence Masson, who was the 2010 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Chair. Masson presented some of the work produced in the class in his inaugural address at the conference.

Below you can view a demo of the Paper Trail project designed and developed by Geoff House, Dave Landry, and Alex Simões.


Below you can view posters presented by three groups in the class at the research expo at Northeastern University, March 2010.