Website: Luisa Rabbia: Travels with Isabella


Design and production of microsite for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. Site published in 2012 and designed in conjunction with the contemporary art exhibition: Luisa Rabbia: Travels with Isabella. Scrapbooks 1883/2008.

In discussions with the artist, Luisa Rabbia, and the contemporary art curator, Pieranna Cavalchini, we decided that the web site should not present the work as it is on view at the museum, that is a 26 minute movie. The main concept behind the web site is that of the scrapbook, which is the platform for Rabbia’s movie. The interface is centered around a long strip of static images that represents the length of the movie.  Marked on the image strip are points of access for the exploration of Rabbia’s creative process in making this movie. For example, the viewer can see previous drawings that were used by Rabbia in the movie, view original pages from Gardner’s 1883 scrapbook, or watch fragments of the final movie. A demo of the interface can be viewed in the movie below. [ 2009/2012 ]