Motion graphics: film Alaska Far Away

In 2007, Juster Hill Productions in San Francisco, CA, commissioned several time-based design segments for the documentary film Alaska Far Away. I designed the title sequence, animated maps, animated headlines, lower thirds and closing credits.

Alaska Far Away was conceived, produced and directed by Paul Hill and Joan Juster. Among the professionals involved were Mark Lipman as the film editor, and Peter Coyote as the voice-over narrator. The different nature of the segments required the design of several spatio-temporal systems that could be used uniformly while delivering each chunk of information in distinct ways. I worked directly with Mark Lipman in fine-tuning the pace of each segment, which was then composited with the original footage.

The pre-release screening happened in October 2007 at the Letterman Digital Arts Center, part of Lucas Film, in San Francisco. The film is now participating in national film festivals. So far the film has been awarded: Best Documentary, Muskegon Film Festival 2008; Jury prize Wisconsin’s Own, Wisconsin Film Festival 2008; and Invited Selection Fargo Film Festival, 2008.

Below is a short movie that presents some time-based segments created for the film Alaska Far Away. [ 2007 ]