Diagram: HDI Tree

Design of graphical metaphor and diagrammatical representations of the Human Development Index and its components (United Nations Development Programme): the Development Tree. Project commissioned by César A. Hidalgo, Center for International Development & Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. Developed in collaboration with NU students: G. House, D. Landry and A. Simoes. Described in Hidalgo’s paper Graphical Statistical Methods for the Representation of the Human Development Index and its Components, Human Development Research Paper 2010/39 (2010). [ 2010 ]

Publications of the project:
To celebrate the 20th Edition of the Human Development Report, Forbes Magazine published an online story of the visualization and an interactive applet of the visualization developed by Hidalgo and Simoes (11.18.10).

Story published at MIT online news for alumni community Slice of MIT