Website: Yu Youren, his World of Calligraphy

The National Museum of History in Taipei, Taiwan, commissioned F+F Studio to design an educational interactive interface to accompany the commemorative exhibition of Yu Youren’s art of calligraphy. The main audience is Chinese speaking visitors. The goal is to serve as a tool directed to teaching children and general visitors about Yu Youren’s calligraphic legacy. The project has the support of the Taiwan Education Ministry.

I worked as a consultant for F+F Studio in the interface design of the web site The Modern Sage of Cursive Script: Yu Youren and his World of Calligraphy. My work involved establishing design parameters at the early stages of the project, such as the definition of the user interface, navigation elements and color schema. The main goal was the design of a system of interactions that could be applied throughout the sections to facilitate access and retrieval of information. In the next two pages I explain the main concepts used in the interface design.

The interactive project The Modern Sage of Cursive Script: Yu Youren and his World of Calligraphy was also published as a CD-ROM in May 2008, available at the museum. The project can be viewed online, but please note that most functions only work in the two Chinese versions. [ 2007 ]