CD-ROM Presence: The Ephemeral in Focus

Design and production of interface and packaging for the CD-ROM Presence: The Ephemeral in Focus,, commissioned by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. The project was a collaboration with Fenya Su (50% my work).

The CD-ROM Presence: The Ephemeral in Focus was commissioned by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA. It was published in 2003, in conjunction with the exhibition Presence by British collaborating artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. I collaborated with designer Fenya Su in the design and production of the packaging and interface (50% my work). [ 2002/2003 ]

Juried award:
Presence: the Ephemeral in Focus was awarded Honorable Mention, category CD-ROM by the American Association of Museums (AAM) 2004 Museum Publication Design Competition. The award was published in the magazine Museum News 83.4 (2004): 45;48.

Paper presentation and publication at international conference:
I was invited to present a paper examining the interface design of Presence: The Ephemeral in Focus at the international conference F@imp2004 Festival Audiovisuel International Musées & Patrimonie, National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, May 3-7, 2004. of this document

Juried exhibition with article in the catalogue:
The interface of the CD-ROMwas on display at the exhibition The Language of Dynamic Media held at the Patricia Doran Graduate Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston (2005). My article “Presence the Ephemeral in Focus,” which examines the interface design, was published in the accompanying catalogue The Language of Dynamic Media (Boston: Massachusetts College of Art, 2005, 170–173).

A movie showing interactions with the interface can be viewed below: